Creativity & Theatre Workshops 

Among the many creative workshops put on by AFTEC in the past year, the hugely popular One Day in the Theatre allowed participants to experience performing on stage or working backstage in different roles. Each workshop culminated in a work-in-progress showcase at the end of the day.

Other workshops offered everyone, from the wider public and participating organisations to university students and those with learning difficulties, a chance to experience the essence of theatre, which is connecting with people.

During the pandemic, this provided participants an opportunity to have fun and support each other, while enhancing their confidence, communication and collaborative skills.

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Organisations and Universities

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All of the activities were fun and I enjoyed them a lot! The ball exercise trained my concentration and ability to divide my attention at the same time, both of which are important skills in interpretation
Hong Kong Baptist University Student
Major in Translation
This was really amazing. All participants were very engaged. The programme was very gradual and got everyone very confident. It was very open and relaxed, so everyone was able to fully get into it!
Hermine Durand
Student, The University of Hong Kong
The learning of spatial awareness, communication, intention and purpose, body posture/position, and confidence.
The University of Hong Kong Student