A Young Person’s Guide to the Theatre

A Young Person’s Guide to The Theatre is a comprehensive guide to understanding the ins and outs of theatre in English. The self-directed and interactive learning programme consists of animated high-definition videos of AFTEC’s production of Comedy of Mistake (2021), interactive activities and other creative tasks. 

A Build-your-own Theatre kit is designed and produced to give participants all the tools needed to write, design and put on their own play on a box stage.

The programme also offered schools, public and family workshops that complemented the online course. Covering topics such as props, costume and lighting design, theatre games and improvisation, participants can enhance their knowledge and appreciation of theatre arts. 

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participating secondary schools
for in-school workshops

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secondary school students participated in in-school workshops

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participating schools for
online learning course

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students participated in online learning course

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public workshops

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Great content and production, it was worth taking part!

Ho Yu Chung
Participant, “Theatre Games & Improvisation” Workshop

Since this is my first time experiencing theatre, I found it eye-opening and interesting. I hope there will be more activities in the future.

Siu Siu
Participant, “Theatre Arts’’ Workshop

The workshop was very interactive and instructions were easy to follow for kids. It’s a nice way to encourage them.

Participant, “Theatre Games & Improvisation” Workshop