Serendip – Take a Line for a Walk

Serendip – Take a Line for a Walk begins with an animation of the ancient Persian tale The Three Princes of Serendip and guides us to discover lines in our daily lives – from roads and signs to architecture, theatre and dance. 

Exciting and creative goodies are provided in the Serendip tote bag for participants to create their own artworks, guided by the demo videos.

The programme also consists of two 2-hour live workshops. Each workshop combines two different art forms. Under the guidance of the instructors, participants were able to experience the fun of creating artworks and interacting with peers in the artmaking process.

Sm-art_3_4Artboard 72


live workshops

Sm-art_3_4Artboard 70


live workshop participants

aftec_Artboard 32


online participants

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creative practitioners

I think the workshop is very good because I can learn a lot about arts and drama.

Aurelia Wilson
Workshop Participant

We enjoyed the instructors’ enthusiasm. The programme and materials were well prepared.

Brant Burke
Workshop Participant